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GH Radio

Oct 21, 2011

Dear Listener:

Before you open that email account and and choose to send that hatemail, take your hand away from the 

keyboard. Maverick and Superman grab the reigns this week and cover many gaming topics. We give Gears of War 3 

some of our final thoughts. The reasons we appreciate Gears 3 are totally different from the other's view. 

Make sure and listen, because our persepective on Gears is very unique. Now, this whole show isn't just a love 

letter to Marcus, we do cover quite a few other topics. Which include

1. GameStop moving into the mobile phone space by selling Iphones/Ipods

2. Used Game retailers vs. Publishers - Round 2

3. Arkham City DLC Debacle

4. Love letter to Gears of War 3

5. Narrative vs. Story

6. Themes of Gears 3 - "Brotherhood" and "hopelessness"

7. Does difficulty positively/negatively affect the perception of "Value"

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