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GH Radio

Dec 20, 2019

Chris and Joe are here recapping the 2019 Video Games Award show while Rick is in bed with sinus issues and a huge chest cold.

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Dec 14, 2019

We're just ten episodes away from the big 600. Who knows what's in store for then. Right now, we have Chris, Joe and Rick bringing you this week's GamerHusbands goodness.

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or: @GamerHusbands



Dec 6, 2019

Joe and Chris are holding down the fort while Rick is working long hours to gather blood and help save lives. He will be back next week and bring with him some Emails that were sent in.

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Nov 22, 2019

The gang is back and we talk about our take on the news and Trader Joe gives out some Black Friday deals to watch for.

Nov 15, 2019

Joe and Rick are here this week as Chris hasn't found a permanent home yet. So, we brought back an oldie, but goodie from GHR past. It's Kevin!

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