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GH Radio

Sep 2, 2011

NEWS NEWS and more NEWS. Can you believe that Epic has the epic stones to release a $30 DLC preorder promise on the same day as Gears 3. As if people we'ren't spending enough money. Guess which hosts defends this action. You might be suprised by the result. Big Dez from Fognationasks the hosts to pick between, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Again, you will be suprised by which side we stand behind. We throw Nintendo a bone also. Ok, maybe it's a full moon outside and we aren't our normal selves. Maybe???? Maverick's game of the week is.....Words With Friends. Superman didn't use his metal bending skills on disbanding the Covenant in Reach. Well, Master Chief does spring his little spartan head in this episode. Don't worry, we cover a lot of bases this week, and there is many disagreements on this episode. We also start a new segment called; "We're not buying this day 1, but you should." In this segment we each pick a game that we normally wouldn't play and convince the listener on why they would want to purchase this day one. It was a very fun segment, and opened us up to some new games. Enjoy the Show!


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