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GH Radio

Oct 29, 2010

It's the Three Amigos this week as Alfred, Sam and Allen bring us another great episode of GamerHusbands Radio. We discuss how a great game, Fallout New Vegas has been plagued by glitches to the point where Allen has given up and returned to playing Halo Reach. We also answer a few questions from Meef J about the...

Oct 22, 2010

Scott and Sam welcome guest JdsBlackbox and Full Tilt 101 to the show as Allen and Alfred Take the week off. And we cover some queations from our Love Sack as well as work up a hunger for some McRib. All this and more on this episode of GHR!

Oct 15, 2010

We're all back as we bring you another great episode of GamerHusbands Radio. In this episode we the recent delay of Grand Turismo 5 (surprise, surprise), and we also cover the blog post of an EA Louse. And of course you know we fit tons of great news and humor in between all of that. So sit back and enjoy this...

Oct 8, 2010

We trade-in Alfred and Allen this week as Teetocks and GHR Superman invite a couple of their close friends JDsBlackBox and Weasel699 to guest host as we go where GHR has never gone before, to the World of Warcraft. That's right, Scott and Sam pick the brains of JD and Gib to learn more about the phenomenon know as WoW....

Oct 1, 2010

We cut the Halo Reach talk short in this episode of GamerHusbands Radio, as we talk about the upcoming release of the Nintendo 3DS. We also cover a few questions about gaming from the Love Sack, and Scott brings us another episode of 4 on 4. So sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of GHR!