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GH Radio

Jan 29, 2016

You can get the 411 from the crew of GamerHusbands Radio about what we have been playing and some of the news that we have found this week. Sit back and join us for another exciting episode.



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Jan 22, 2016

Sam, Chris, Kevin and Rick are back this week with games that we have played and what little bit of news that we found. We even got into some "yellow" news story.

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Jan 15, 2016

Sam, Rick, Kevin and Joe are here this week to talk what games we are looking for in 2016. We also talk about what we're playing and some news that we found for this week. 



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Jan 8, 2016

Everyone is back for the new year and we talk about our top games of 2015. So, join us for some entertaining gaming talk.



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