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GH Radio

Jan 31, 2014

Kevin is sick this week, so it's down to Rick and Sam to get you through this week.  We talk about the deep freeze that we're in right now and what's hot in the gaming news.

Jan 24, 2014

It is another week which means another great episode of GamerHusbands Radio.  Sam, Kevin and Rick are back talking about everything from the deep freeze known as the weather to all the latest gaming news.  Plus, we give the names of the winners of our biggest contest in our history.  Sit back and enjoy this episode of...

Jan 17, 2014

I know. Not an original title, but Rick, Sam and Kevin are back for the second episode of 2014.  We talk a little about the news that we could find and a little about the upcoming six year episode.  Don't forget that you have until January 21st to enter our contests.  Find out all the details at our facebook...

Jan 10, 2014

The guys are trying to stay warm while we get this edition of GamerHusbands Radio.  Kevin plays an Xbox One?  What else is going to happen in this new year!