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GH Radio

Jan 21, 2011

We record two episode this we, as we guest host on Episode 196 of The Married Gamers with Mr and Mrs Lefty Brown, and Episode 155 of GHR. In this episode of GHR we talk about the latest news in the rumor mill, about where Activision considers shuttign down the servers to COD Black Ops on the PS3 a viable option. Which...

Jan 14, 2011

We're all back for another great episode of GamerHusbands Radio. This week we ask a simple question, 'Are boss battles needed in games anymore?' we also throw in all the stuff you guys love, A little Love Sack and our current games of the week. So get ready for the next episode of GHR!

Jan 7, 2011

We put out another great one one as we talk about some of the hottest games out right now. Including GT5, Need for speed: Hot Pursuit and Red Dead Redemption Udead Collection. We also go over a little Love Sack and some of the latest news. All this and so much more, on this episode of GHR!