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GH Radio

Oct 27, 2017

All the crew is here this week. We talk about the games we played and news including the introduction of Original Xbox games on the Xbox One family of consoles. Find out our thoughts and what we think about how they run.

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Oct 20, 2017

With only 499 episodes left, Joe, Chris and Rick are here to bring you all the GamerHusbands Radio goodness of What we have been playing and news that interested us this week. Sam didn't have a voice to show up with this week, so he will be back next week.

Oct 13, 2017

It is finally here! The whole crew is here for this very special episode of GamerHusbands Radio. We have gone where few podcasts have gone before. We even have a few guests on the show tonight as we talk about where GamerHusbands has been and how we have ended up where we are. Grab your favorite beverage and sit back...

Oct 6, 2017

It is coming soon. Before that happens, here is the latest episode of GamerHusbands Radio. All the hosts are here and bringing you the games we have played and the latest news that we found interesting.


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