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We are GH Radio! We love gaming, and now we are going to talk about it! We are definitely hardcore gamers. Our coverage will span more than just the gaming general. Weekly discussion topics will be a main focus. Some of the topics that we'll cover are; Microsoft vs. Sony , Politicians vs. Gamers, and Game Violence vs. Movie violence. Just to name a few. We are going to dig into these topics and many more. We are going to also cover the hottest video games out, no matter what system! We definitely want you to be a part of the show and site, so we welcome your feedback. This is for the gaming community. Even if you are not a hardcore gamer. Casual gamers are welcome. You can contact us at
Episode 57 -  I'll Be Back In this episode of GamerHusbands Radio we invite Wyoming SBG to fill in for Maverick while he take a break. And we discuss the latest news, including the newest company to sign up for Steam, the Governator gets shaken up in a California appeals court. All that and more in this episode of GHR!
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Episode 56 - GHR gets Bedazzled! In this special edition of the GamerHusbands Radio podcast, we welcome to thr show Phoenix from The Post Game Report / And we get his insight on some of the latest news. We discuss our views on Fear 2 and Killzone 2, as well as the big budgets and the big loses of the game developers. So make sure to check out our web site at for all the latest blogs and forums. And also check out the great site at for all of their great blogs and news. This is GHR!
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Episode 55 - DLC get your DLC This is GamerHusbands Radio. Don't miss this exciting episode, where we talk about juicing in MLB and gaming, we jump into the LoveSack, And we go over the massive amount of DLC that is coming to a console near you. Don't miss one of the funnest episode we've ever done. You're listening to GHR!
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Episode 54 - The Big Easy In this episode of The GamerHusbands Radio Podcast, we go over some of our favorite moments of the Super Bowl. Resident Evil 5 demo download numbers are out, but did it live up to the hype. Acti- Blizzard announces an up coming title that will reach out to the DJ and mixing community, thats right Weasel699 you'll be able to give up SecondLife and DJ on your 360. And we get in to a discussion that puts the Love in Lovesack. All that and more in this episode of GHR! And make sure to visit us at and read our blog, join are forums, and so much more.
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