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GH Radio

Dec 30, 2016

That is right. It is the game of the year show for 2016. We were able to drag all of the hosts to the show this week to let everyone know what their game of the year was. Sit back and enjoy the last episode of the year.

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Dec 23, 2016

Everyone is here for the Christmas episode of GamerHusbands Radio.  Find out what we have been playing and the news that interested us.


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Dec 16, 2016

Only Chris, Kevin and Rick are here this week to bring you the gaming goodness that only GamerHusbands Radio can bring to you.


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Dec 9, 2016

The whole crew is back this week. Pamela and Skype sang kum-by-ah and we are back to having a good sounding show with lots of information.


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Dec 2, 2016

Everyone is here for the episode this week. We talk games and movies. Some news thrown in and what we found on Black Friday.


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