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We are GH Radio! We love gaming, and now we are going to talk about it! We are definitely hardcore gamers. Our coverage will span more than just the gaming general. Weekly discussion topics will be a main focus. Some of the topics that we'll cover are; Microsoft vs. Sony , Politicians vs. Gamers, and Game Violence vs. Movie violence. Just to name a few. We are going to dig into these topics and many more. We are going to also cover the hottest video games out, no matter what system! We definitely want you to be a part of the show and site, so we welcome your feedback. This is for the gaming community. Even if you are not a hardcore gamer. Casual gamers are welcome. You can contact us at
We had so much fun recording an un-edited show, we decided to do it for another week. This week we are accompanied by two great podcast hosts from, The Gamers with kids podcast. Lady Sedetha(queen of the GHR Forums) and Lord Phantom bring their humor and personality to the show. We discuss Purple Panthers, Cowboy Hats, and Peeping Toms. Don't fear, we also have some great gaming discussion also. Scott(Teetocks) has one of his best 4 on 4's, and we take some time to dive headfirst into the "LOVESACK." Get ready for GamerHusbands, Un-edited, Un-cut, and off the cuff for another week.

Intro Song: Tugboat  - Remix Medley
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Episode 91 - Cut. Paste. Post. We go live and Uncut in this episode of GamerHusbands Radio. So this one is for all those of you who have ever wonder, "Why don't they ever do live episodes like The Married Gamers?". After this episode, you will know the answer. We talk about Uncharted 2, Uncharted 2, and also Uncharted 2. Oh yeah, and we cover some surprising NPD numbers that show that the rise of Sony and the PS3 may have finally come, as well some more Uncharted 2. Don't miss this episode of GHR!
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Episode 90 - Honorable Mention In this episode of GamerHusbands Radio we take it easy as we go over the new games we played this week. And no surprise Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is in the mix up, as we debate about the multiplayer and give our opinion of the game over all. And don't forget, this Saturday is Extra Life, where gamers around the world come together and play for 24 hrs to raise money for Texas Children's Hospital. That's right, you can help a child in of treatment for cancer. No child is ever turned away, regardless of their families' ability to pay. So visit and go to the Extra Life link to donate, and join us as we join Sarcastic Gamer and change lives. This is GHR!
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Episode 89 - Across The Pond In this episode of GamerHusbands Radio, we go intercontinental as we cover some of our reviews from around the world. We cover the new regulations the government has past down for bloggers. We also discuss the lack of 'unlockable' achievement items for your avatar, and how the developers and Microsoft could use this function to further advertise their products, Teetocks wonders if the Halo 3 Mountain Dew bottles didn't take advertising a little too far, and Maverick takes us to the presidential suite (don't ask me) as he explains why the new Uncharted 2 demo didn't make him jump for joy. So lets jump across the pond as we go through another episode of GHR!
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Episode 88 - Feel The Pain Teetocks is back, and so is the 4 on 4, in this episode of GamerHusbands Radio. You are guaranteed to laugh  your butt off in this episode, as we go in depth on Forza 3 and Grand Turismo 5, we give our thoughts on Halo: ODST and Mavel Ultimate Alliance 2, and the 4 on 4 returns with a vengeance. So hold on to you toes, thumbs, and eye balls as we bend it like Beckham, in this exciting episode of GHR!
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