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GH Radio

Jul 29, 2011

Are You ready for another episode of GamerHusbands Radio? Well wait no longer. This episode comes out right on the heels of an announcement from Nintendo about a price drop on the 3DS. And we cover that story as well as other great gaming news. We also go over some of the things we have been up too, as well as...

Jul 22, 2011

We kind of let loose on this Episode and went a different direction. This is Episode 178 of the GamerHusbands lifecast. It’s summertime, and we wanted to share a bit about our summer and some of the fun things we’ve been doing.(that’s what she said!) Our journey goes a little bit off track and stays there for...

Jul 15, 2011

On this episode of GamerHusbands Radio, Scott AKA TeeTocks is back on as we go over some of the hottest gaming news. We also go over some not so gaming topics, and to celebrate the return of Tocks, we bring back the 3 on 4. So sit back relax, or jump on your mower, and enjoy yet another great episode of GHR!

Jul 8, 2011

Summer is here and with it comes more daylight, more time with the family, more yard work, etc. And that all leads to what we like to call 'Summer Blues'. This leads to less time gaming for most people, and we here at GamerHusbands are not exempt. So join GHR Superman and JDsBlackbox as they talk about summer blues as...

Jul 1, 2011

We put together an amazing cast of host for this episode of Gamerhusbands Radio, and it's safe to say 'we didn't know what we got ourselves into'. This just might be our best episode yet. So join us as we go over all of the lastest gaming news and even some marrage advise. This is GHR!