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We are GH Radio! We love gaming, and now we are going to talk about it! We are definitely hardcore gamers. Our coverage will span more than just the gaming general. Weekly discussion topics will be a main focus. Some of the topics that we'll cover are; Microsoft vs. Sony , Politicians vs. Gamers, and Game Violence vs. Movie violence. Just to name a few. We are going to dig into these topics and many more. We are going to also cover the hottest video games out, no matter what system! We definitely want you to be a part of the show and site, so we welcome your feedback. This is for the gaming community. Even if you are not a hardcore gamer. Casual gamers are welcome. You can contact us at

The sickly pair of Sam and Rick are holding down the fort this week.  We talk about the anticipated games of the first quarter of 2013.  We also discuss the possibility of what happens if they go into total gun control, will they come after our video games next?  If you agree or disagree, you can leave your feedback at:

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The whole crew is back, but still not up to full power.  We talk about what we are playing now and what we want to be playing in the near future.  We also discuss what games we will buy or pass up for a new console if it comes out this year.  Let us hear what you think:

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Sit back and enjoy a warts and all podcast as sickness of the body and computer has made this a record and post right away without any editing.  The survivors of this epidemic are Kevin and Rick.  Kevin still shaking off the bug and Rick who finally got his computer and the internet to play nice again.  Tonight has a big surprise from Kevin that no one would expect to hear.  So, sit back, put on your masks so that you can not catch anything and have a good listen.

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A new year and an episode that ends in one.  Sam, Kevin and Rick are back in the new year with a look back at the holidays and a look at our New Year resolutions.  Enjoy!

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