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We are GH Radio! We love gaming, and now we are going to talk about it! We are definitely hardcore gamers. Our coverage will span more than just the gaming general. Weekly discussion topics will be a main focus. Some of the topics that we'll cover are; Microsoft vs. Sony , Politicians vs. Gamers, and Game Violence vs. Movie violence. Just to name a few. We are going to dig into these topics and many more. We are going to also cover the hottest video games out, no matter what system! We definitely want you to be a part of the show and site, so we welcome your feedback. This is for the gaming community. Even if you are not a hardcore gamer. Casual gamers are welcome. You can contact us at

Happy Halloween, everyone! There aren't any tricks here, but lots of treats as the guys of GamerHusbands Radio bring you another show. We talk about some new games that we are playing. We also talk about the latest Sony event.

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BE SURE TO LISTEN TO THE END OF THE EPISODE. Sam, Joe, Kevin, Chris and Rick are all back this week and ready to talk games, news and other things. Make sure that you listen to the end of the episode. A winner is announced and something special happens.


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We're all here and only four weeks away from the big 400. We talk games and some news. We even have some Love(Hate?) sack.


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Sam is out partying with people from the company he works for, so that leaves Rick, Kevin, Joe and Chris to bring you the news and excitement that is GamerHusbands Radio as we march on toward Episode 400.


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Kevin is out with his wife celebrating their anniversary. That means Sam, Rick, Chris and Joe are left behind to talk about their games and news that interests them. We hope that if interests you also.

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