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GH Radio

Jul 22, 2011

We kind of let loose on this Episode and went a different direction. This is Episode 178 of the GamerHusbands lifecast. It’s summertime, and we wanted to share a bit about our summer and some of the fun things we’ve been doing.(that’s what she said!) Our journey goes a little bit off track and stays there for the duration of the show. A quick rundown of that madness; If you had a Celebrity “Hall Pass,” who would be in your Top 5?  Why does Alfred love Man-Face women? When you watch a movie with your wife, is it always a “Romantic Comedy?” Sam and Alfred talk about their summer dates to the movies. Sam also tests out his brand new State-of-the-Art Movie Summer review system, and let’s us know which movies are sleeper hits! The madness ensues on Episode 178 of GamerHusbands Radio. Enjoy.

P.S.  Going Panda = a podcasting colloquialism refferring to the hosts drinking alcoholic beverages and becoming inebriated as the show commences. This phrase was termed by IGN’s GameScoop Podcast.

Intro = Tugboat - remix medley