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GH Radio

Mar 11, 2011

We start off this show in the absurd Zone again. No Charlie Sheen roundtable, but we start off the show with some interesting topics. Ofourse we didn't forget about games this week! Allen talks about Dragon Age II, Scott gives his impressions of MLB:The Show 11, and Sam bites his tongue to avoid saying the word, "Halo." Also, no Final Fantasy talk this week. We got your messages. Sam talks about extending game nights beyond Monday, and encourages the community to join up with the crew. This is the Pre-Pax East show so we go into some of our favorite memories of PAX East 2010, and what the guys are excited too see at Pax East 2011. HATEMAIL is here. We have hatemail, and for once, it isn't about Maverick this time. There is tons more on the show this week, so make sure you give it a listen.