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GH Radio

Nov 13, 2009

This week is another Uncut show for the GamerHusbands. We pay homage to the new addition to the GamerHusbands Family, and it's all downhill from there. We discuss some controversial issues with Modern Warfare 2 and how hype can negatively effect an upcoming game. We discuss your lovesack emails along with some of the great feedback we've been receiving. The 4 on 4 returns for another week. After that....Let's just say things get a little salty. You must listen to the show to get a mixture of great conversation combined with some our crazy humor. We even tell you why we got married....Truthfully, and our biggest regrets in High School. This and more, on Episode 94 of GamerHusbands Radio - "Sgt. Sausage Gets Salty about his Sundaes"